The Key/

Through 'The Key', ZAK will be working with the young people from, Limerick Youth Services and Bjorknasgy. The project will enhance the importance of non-formal education and would like to use this experience with young people as an example of non-formal education, which is recognized and valued in the job market. It will focus on issues such as youth unemployment, early school leavers, creativity and entrepreneurship. Young people will be encouraged to think and act in innovative ways. Flexible thinking, unorthodox methods, and creative ways of problem solving are seen as the appropriate approaches for today's globalising world. Furthermore, creativity is a human capacity that enriches the personal life, enables the person to meet daily challenges, and fosters cooperation in society. Creativity is not just a given talent but an ability that can and should be trained and improved. Creativity and divergent thinking are components of learning in childhood that often go unmeasured in favour of standardized subject assessments. Through The Key, the participants will experience a diverse range of arts and cultural activities because these opportunities can enhance their aspirations, achievements, and skills.