3 members from ZAK have participated in Eastercourse/Eurocourse 2017 in Denmark, together with another ZAK member Mikela Zerafa, that is a leader on the planning team.

This years' topic was about playing our way through democratic participation. They had an introduction to what democracy is, how they can participate in it and the importance of participation both in the organisations and in their countries when it comes to decisions about various sensitive topics such as abortion.

During the course, mostly through playing games and not just discussions, they also learnt about how they can use games as a tool to teach youth and make everyone's voice heard. A speaker from the Danish Youth Council (DUF) explained the meaning of democratic confidence and why it is so important, especially to youth as they are developing their values since they are the future of their country.

On another occasion, each person had a role play for the whole day, where they were split in 4 'tribes' in the same country. In the role plays participants had specific tasks in order to build arguments in democratic ways and then also voting for a new constitution and a new president for their country. Topics such as corruption and personal values came up and how they effect us.It was really difficult for some to play a role which has different values then what s/he personally believes in. The participants also discussed how the church effects them and if it should be separated from the state or not.

It has been a great and fruitful experience!
Leanne Bonello, Gary Pace and Martha Piscopo