In the beginning of August, 8 ZAK members and a leader participated in EuroCamp 2017, which was held in Austria, together with 9 other organisations from different European countries. The other 9 countries were; Spain, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Ukraine, Switzerland, Slovakia and Romania. EuroCamp was organised for FIMCAP organisations and funded through Erasmus+. The topic discussed during EuroCamp was Refugees.

The week started off with a simulation game where the participants were given a budget and they needed to build a village. This village included a woman who is a refugee and other refugees were coming into this village. The participants had to plan the village in order to help them. Maria from ZAK, who was also one of the leaders planning EuroCamp 2017, showed us a documentary video of a French journalist who travelled the journey with refugees from Syria to Europe, with the hope of starting a new and better life in Europe. The participants had the opportunity to meet refugees at a refugee camp and spent the afternoon with them.

Besides all this, in their free time, the participants played a lot of games and learnt new ones. During the 10 days spent together, the participants got to know each other better and the different cultures. It was truly an unforgettable and fruitful experience for those who participated.

Josianne Farrugia - ZAK Zurrieq