90th Anniversary of the Catholic Action in Malta: ZAK Reunion/

In February 2020 the Catholic Action will be celebrating its 90th Anniversary of its official initiation in Malta. A number of events to celebrate this Anniversary will be held between October 2019 and October 2020. As part of these celebrations, a Reunion was organised for those who were members prior to 2010, on Saturday 19th October.

This activity was organised at ZAK House in Birkirkara. Restructuring and renovation of ZAK House commenced at the end 2010 and were finished by the end of 2013. This premises today serves as a place where meetings can be held. During its renovation it was also converted into a space that accommodates 44 persons and therefore is ideal for Live-Ins and youth exchanges. This means that a good number of persons present during the Reunion had never set foot in ZAK House after its refurbishment and reopening.

More than 100 adults and over 20 children attended this event. The majority of those who attended were young couples, married couples or families with young children. At 6pm the former members started arriving, meeting and greeting each other with smiles and hugs. Josef Debono, the President of the Maltese Catholic Action said a few words to welcome them and then mass commenced. Mass was celebrated by 3 important persons in the history of ZAK. Fr Michael Bellizzi who was the ZAK Spiritual Director until 2009, Fr Reuben Gauci who was appointed the Spiritual Director of ZAK in 2010 to date and Fr Bernard Micallef who startted as member in ZAK around 15 years ago and who is a priest today.

The premises were decorated with a number of photos of past events, newspaper cuttings published along the years and open luggage bags with different Tshirts that commemorate different activities. Those who attended were also given a luggage tag with the logo created for the 90th Anniversary, to not only remember the Reunion organised, but also because each and every person has a luggage bag full of memories and experiences gained from their membership in ZAK that they will continue to carry throughout their lives.

A Pasta Night was organised so that everyone could enjoy each others company and easily socialise and reminiscence old memories. At the end everyone enjoyed cake. It was a good night for all those who attended.